my friend brooks was
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    the blackest mutherfvker

    actually his dad was... he might have been half white...

    that brother taught me lao tzu, bass, keyboard, and poetry

    you boys and girls that like some of my posts owe him a favor

    and lots of shit go down everythings still cool, b

    stop freaking on me doe

    :robotfrustrated:Necrotic techno-magic bullshit.:robotfrustrated:COWBOY_STILGAR sed so

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    wait, are you saying 'one of my friends is black'?

    we are all caught in the wordbox
    Way to go, asshole, now we're careening off into space and will definitely die. -.- ~ perfy

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    I've never had a black friend. They always picked on me at HS and I know it's not right but I still feel some resentment towards them.

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