Think back to your favorite year.
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  • Special Snowflake Banned

    George Bush was president then.

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    Obama was president back then.

  • Assy McGee Banned

    He isn't president right now.

  • SwimNinja

    Actually Clinton was.

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  • Swimuminati

    Kublai Khan was emperor then.

  • Thunder Goddess

    Hatshepsut was Pharaoh then.

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  • 0

    The Summer of 1347 before the Black Death hit.

    It was the summer of '47!

  • Toonami

    For a lot of people, childhood was the best time of their life. If people think about when they were at their absolute happiest, the average age here probably means Clinton fits that mold more often than any other President.

  • Other Anime

    The best times of my childhood were during the Clinton administration. I also had a good time during the last Bush years and the first Obama years around mid-late highschool/early college.

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  • SwimPunk Banned

    No he wasnt

  • SwimPirate

    Actually, President Obama was president in 2010 but nice try.

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  • SwimIcon

    PrincessUnikitty said:

    Actually Clinton was.


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