Allow me to share last night's lucid dream with you
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    This is amazing. Remember how someone (Was it PFH?) was talking about how she barely had dreams anymore? Well, that was happening to me for a long time, but last night I had an incredibly lucid one!

    It started out with me driving in a Dunkin' Donuts parking lot and these two criminals approached my car, opened the passenger side, and one of them pulled me out of the car. I struggled with him, but he pulled out a knife and I really thought I was going to die in my dream because I was being overpowered. Then I broke free of his grasp, jumped back into the car, and put the car in reverse with both of them hanging onto two of the open doors. The one with the knife climbed onto the roof of my car and that's when I went crazy and started going 80mph in the parking lot, moving the car every which way to shake the two of them. Then I ran them over and the cops came to do a crime scene investigation. At this point, I was ready to drive back home, but suddenly I had this brother who I don't have in real life sitting in the passenger seat next to me as well as my mother in the back. I told him, "What are you doing up front?" and he responded, "I'm driving!", to which I replied, "No you're not! Get out! Your license is suspended and I hate you!" and then he lunged toward me and I started punching him in the ribs until he started crying and my mom yelled that she was going to call the cops on me (which is weird because my mom rarely gets angry at me).

    Now we fastforward to the best part of my dream. I lived with this couple who subleased a room in their apartment to me and I woke up in this SUV driving on the highway, but there was no one driving. It was moving on its own and the hot blonde girl in the couple was in the back with me (but the middle seat was unoccupied, so there was a space between us). I started to think that something was wrong, so I jumped up to the front and grabbed control of the SUV as it started to grind violently along the highway's concrete barrier. The girl and I engaged in a lighthearted conversation about how neither of us actually thought the SUV would crash because we saw each other in the car behaving normally and she explained that she was riding her bike, got tired, and decided to pass out in the SUV.

    Anyway, I started driving the SUV to get us home, but I missed the exit we needed, so I started doing some illegal things to get back on track and kept looking over my shoulder to make sure no cops were coming. Then I ditched the SUV and we took a motorcycle out of the trunk and started riding it. Suddenly, I felt her grip on my waist get really suggestive and I could tell she had a thing for me even if it was only a ride on a motorcycle. When I was close to getting us home, her boyfriend came out of nowhere while we were at a traffic light. I got up to greet him and she smiled, then he started to move to take my spot on the motorcycle and I really wanted to say, "Hey, you WERE her boyfriend. Let her decide who she wants to ride this thing!", but I p**sed out because he was ripped and, more importantly, as confident as I was in her feelings for me, I still had this doubt that she would reject me and choose her boyfriend instead. Before they rode off, they said they were going on vacation to Brazil, but that I wasn't coming and that they wanted me to look over the apartment.

    That's where the dream ended. Wow... 2nd half was . 1st half was meh honestly.

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