The Anti-Park, my journey for the legendary bacon double cheeseburger.
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    It's from earlier today and my cell phone filter made me look really pale instead of capturing my olive complexion, but the point is that it was a glorious time and it's an absolutely maginificent day outside. I normally get mine with red onions added to it, but the cashier asked, "Are you sure you want the red onions? It already comes with lettuce, tomatoes, and sauce." and I replied, "Yep. I'm sure." and it never crossed my mind that that was his fast food way of saying, "Please don't order the red onions. We have almost none left.", so I ended up with shreds of red onions. No big deal. It still tasted great. Yeah, but the anti-Park though. Park, you gotta produce some pics, man. That story you told last night was a tall tale. If you hadn't told it, your West Coast journey would still be believable.

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