The president has been kidnapped by ninjas
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    Are you a bad enough dude (or dudette) to rescue the president?

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    Yeah, but I'm gonna need lifetime Obamacare, free access to the White House lounge whenever, about $1,000,000, and he has to let me walk his dog every once in a while. Actually I probably need some more demands, but we'll start with that to keep things basic.

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    Sounds mean, but we could make that choice. I mean it's not like the Middle Ages when killing the king took the head off of the dragon. It's not the like the US Military is going to say Oh no... We don't have a leader... We're ruined! Hell nah! They gon' pick up those guns, probably take over whatever country killed our present and make it the 51st state, and then they gon' haul some more ass if anybody else wants some!!!

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