You've gotta think- You've got a pet. You've got a responsibility.
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    If your dog's lost, you get your a** out there and you find that f***in DOG!

  • Toonami

    I think it's time to play dodgeball.

  • Swimuminati

    alt text

  • SwimPeanut

    My kitty got lost once. The electricians came here to do some upgrades, but had their list in the wrong order. They thought this apartment was vacant and so they just used their pass key, pushed the door open and started dragging all their tools and supplies in. That freaked out the cat and she just bolted. I found her three days later in the basement. Hungry and thirsty, but otherwise okay. Boy, how much time did I spend holding a lantern outside in the middle of the night, looking for that cat?

    If you want to pick THAT type out of a crowd, just look for the festering scabs on their elbows.

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