I'm voting for Zoltan Istvan
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    Hillary and Trump are just fools and figureheads. That's all they are. The US Government doesn't want us to elect Istvan because he can prolong our lives. Why else would a cultured, Columbia grad invest our money into scientific research for his trans-humanist agenda if he didn't think the extension of the human lifespan was possible through scientific means? He's not some hobo wackjob like those radical, radio personalities who are obsessed with politics.

    I hate politics and find them boring, but even I can see the promise and vision of a man like Istvan. We're just gonna have the same boring a** America if we vote for Hillary or Trump. Let's vote for someone who's gonna try and change the game and blow all our money making us live to the age of 250 or sending a spaceship to find aliens in the next galaxy or some sh**.

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