Watching The Avengers on FX
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    Them ninjas about to avenge some s***!

    It kinda brings back bad memories because there was this one girl I went out with on OKC four years ago and our 4th date involved going to the Bronx Zoo and then seeing The Avengers in 3D at the Lincoln Center movie theater. I think that's where we went anyway. Yeah so I was pretty awkward on the date because I knew I was going back to college in a month down south and there was a girl at my college who's number I had taken down on the last day of the previous semester, so I wasn't sure how to precede. Yep absolutely screwed that one up. My awkward stuff turned her off and she met up with someone else and started dating him a week later. Then I found her on OKC last year and tried to spark things up as if nothing happened, but she wasn't having it. And, of course, the thing with the girl at my college didn't work out. She didn't even want to meet up at the beginning of the following semester which was pretty weird. When we eventually did meet up, she was really skeptical and kept her distance on the date. I'm still confused by it.

    TL;DR It's not The Avengers fault.

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