Uh huh... Well it's time for a double Top 5 celebration party
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    For with this post, I have moved into the Top 5 in both most posts and reputation on here! (raises sword in triumph)


    I didn't plan this out; I just have a lot to say. This party is gonna be .
    I'm ordering the mechanical bull, assembling makeshift kegs of really cheap beer, bringing in a clown to entertain you, stealing some flamingos (Just don't pet them. I think they're shy or sumtin) from the zoo, and I'm gonna have my goons intimidate the amusement park owners to install the bumper car attraction at the party site, so we can have some fun. And YES, you're allowed to go in the opposite direction for heavier impacts. What fun is it to tap the other bumper cars from behind? Just make sure your health insurance is on point because we've got this "exclusion of liability" clause that you have to sign.

    This party is gonna be cost effective and a BLAST!!! Let's get it, baby!!! Let's f---in get it!!! WOOHOO!!!

    Zeni's in the double top 5!! (guitar riff)

  • SwimStar

    i didn't even know you could check that

    "Right. Because it seems to me that you’re exhibiting symptoms of depression, low self worth and anxiety."
    "Those are all different things, right?"

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    (Stammers nervously)

    Oh... no... I wasn't checking... It's just... accident... hidden.

    I'm in both Top 5s! Woohoo!

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