When you were a kid, did you ever get separated from your parent(s)?
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    What did it feel like? Was it in the wide open world or in a department store/supermarket type setting?

    It happened to me a few times. I used to panic, but pretend to keep my cool just so I wouldn't start crying.

  • ShoeHands

    My parents left me at the grand canyon one time cause my mullet was way sweeter than theirs but it's all good on my quest to be reunited I found this really badass town named Silvertown and saved the balls of this dog named Charlie with a spatula and met this hotass chick Brandy. After some more messed up not cool stuff happened I left to once again find my parents again and met this really cool Indian named Indian Joe who helped me find this sweetass poop silo. After that I got this super badass job as a janitor, did a radio show, and finally found my parents again who as it turned out weren't as gnarly and righteous as I thought but it worked out okay cause after considering jumping off this bridge I reunited with Brandy and messed up my bully Kid Rock with my sweetass bitchinass hemi.

  • SwimNerd

    Yeah... Happened to me in stores a few times... As I recall I didn't freak out or cry. I knew how isles worked so I'd just go the end and look down them till I saw someone I knew. That said... My mom lost me one time and got the cashier or whatever to call my name on the PA system... The problem was I didn't understand them calling me by name because I was always addressed by my nickname, and even if I had recognized someone was looking for me... I didn't understand the layout of the store in adult terms... like "please come to customer service"... That meant nothing to me.

    Anyway... My mom bawled her eyes out about that time... Then flipped out at me for not coming when she called. lol.

    For the most part I was on my own though... My mom used to just go ride her horse for like 5-8 hours at a time. Not to mention when she was working or on dates... I didn't mind being alone. I was never scared... Unless it got dark and I was all alone.

  • Other Anime

    Got lost at Dollywood at age 4 but my memory about it is very fuzzy. I remember a policeman holding me and asking me my name but not being able to understand through the wailing.

  • Babbling

    Once. At a Zayre store, they had a section with Pinball & other games like the one below. I got separated from them because I was looking at the games rather than where they went. I looked for them for a bit, then decided I could go to the car and they'd catch up to me...but the car was locked and it was hot out, so I went back in to the service desk. I think I may have told whoever was at the desk that I couldn't find my parents and they went on the PA. My folks were upset because they'd been looking for me.


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  • Banned

    The people I was walking next to then were called my new family.

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  • SwimLegend

    All the time. I'd panic every time too

    Oh bother...

  • Swimuminati

    sometimes but i don't recall panicking. it was always the supermarket so i would just go look for my mom. never got separated in an enormous crowd or anything. my mom would have had our heads if we wandered away.

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  • Other Anime

    One time at a mall when I got distracted by an elliptical at a sports store. I was pretty freaked out, but some lady wanted to help me find them again so I followed her until I found my family again near a fountain. I thank the universe that she wasn't a creeper dude who had a cake van.

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