What's your favorite scented candle?
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    I love the aroma of apple cinnamon

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    summer horse graveyard

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    Botanical, warm sand, or something like clean sheets.

    Anything really fruity, sugary sweet, or floral makes my head spin. I like subtle scents. Also why I hate when men wear cologne. Just be clean.

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    ‎One that doesn't smell like hot peppered ass

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    Cologne is just a nauseating smell

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    In other words one that doesn't smell like Perseus

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    do i really have to have one?

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    Ocean, wood, and pumpkin.

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    I have a candle that smells like fresh cut grass that I haven't burned yet. I just open it occasionally and sniff it especially in winter.

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    Woodsy and/or smokey candles with very minimal (or no) sweet scent. WoodWick’s Fireside and Wood Smoke are my favorites.

    Most floral scented candles don’t smell right and are too strong. I love the smell of jasmine and freesia, but not as candles. I just bring home flowers instead.

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    And crème brûlée is devine too :)

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    Vanilla. Apple Cinnamon. Pumpkin Spice.

    Stuff that smells sweet or like baked goods are my favorite air fresheners. I also like citrus scents.

    Those "fresh linen" or "spring shower" or any of those herbal/flower ones give me a headache.

    It's great when you enjoy things.

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