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    Just wanted to post a reminder of one of our board guidelines, feel free to bookmark and bump this if/when required.

    Basically, this place is for posting stuff. So we like it when you do that.

    BUT - it's for lots of people to post stuff. So, if - for example, you post so many topics without waiting for replies that you bump everybody else's discussions down so far they can't find them on the list anymore - then you are creating an unwanted disturbance to the board traffic.

    Generally speaking here are some guidelines for how to post to avoid troubles:

    1. If you notice a half dozen or so of your topics on the front page of any given category, don't post any more new ones. Let some of the old ones die out first.

    2. If you see 5 or more of your own topics grouped together on the list, again, it's time to stop posting new topics for awhile.

    It's not the worst thing one can do on the boards or the most serious violation, but it impacts the ability of our community members to use the board.

    So if the problem escalates, so too will the moderation of said behavior and the user(s) that engage in it.

    Please try to be aware of your mania levels when making new threads, and let some of the old ones sink a bit before posting a bunch of new ones.


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    shut up Perseus

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    "Mania levels"!!!!!

    Sounds crazy, but cool imo

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    oh my god go away police

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