Stranger Things
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  • Beast Master

    This show is promising.

    Anyone else watching?

    Aye swimae.

  • SwimIcon

    not yet. i canceled netflix but was thinking of bringing it back to watch this.

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    770312 said:

    This show is promising.

    Anyone else watching?

    Finished it yesterday it's really good

  • IB

    My friend has it on his Plex server, but I was too busy using my internet time for animal fails and ordering dominos and tracking my order to search the show. I'll check it out though, it sounds cool.


  • Banned

    I read a couple nice things about it.

    My buddy that works in the industry was raving about it.

    If you gotta go go with a smile

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    watched it all yesterday.

    i really enjoyed it.

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  • SwimNinja

    I finished it last night and really liked it. It was like Firestarter had a baby with the Escape to Witch Mountain movies. I'm really happy it was on Netflix because they get more leeway as far as killing people onscreen in a show mostly about kids. Also, this felt like the best paced Netflix original I've watched. There tends to be a lot of steam lost toward the end of Netflix's shows, but Stranger Things had a pretty tight grip on it.

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  • SwimSage Banned

    Not yet but was thinking of checking it out.

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