Bumping that thread *again*? Lemme save you some time and tell you what dating's about
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    Zenigundam's Simple 5 Step Guide to Dating

    1. Don't be an insufferable boor.
    2. Don't date girls who bounce in and out of relationships.
    3. Never, ever date a girl who is obsessed with pop culture and her appearance because she'll make you watch any popular sitcom with her and you'll have to sit there and pretend that every character in the show doesn't suck.
    4. Don't date a girl who can't live without her phone.
    5. Date someone who is intellectually stimulating, challenges you to improve, and who isn't judgmental.

    If you can do all this, you're gonna be rocking and rolling.

  • SwimSage Banned

    I fail at #1.

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    If your posting habits on here are an indication, I doubt it, Ric.

    Now I do know some people on here who fit the billing for #1, but I won't say any names.

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