Shit it's already almost midnight.
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    I spent 4+ hours on a one minute rap verse.

    I did get some pretty crazy swag in it though.

    It's just no where close to finished,

    and I need to go to bed.


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    Even Jay-Z sleeps sometimes.

    "What do you mean lower myself? That's the only thing I've ever been. Just a simple human that couldn't save a little girl" -Edward Elric

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    The Hound.
    @Naraku4656 said:
    > IB's last thread was by Viperslayer

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    I could even tell by my writing I'm burnt out for one day.

    I still probably need to redo the first verse...

    heres the second, but calling it a verse might be a little much.

    No it idn't! Get the hit list, rince the dishes shit!
    get some bitches, fix the kitchen, feed the fishes
    fish* Pssh! the list is endless; so much shit ta do.
    I can't get nothin' finished; Just anotha minute..
    Fvck it.. I think I'm gonna kick the bucket uhh!
    get the bucket list cuz this is where the shit gets crazeh
    It's time to do all those things I was always scared to do
    with your ladeh; somebody sa' me I think need a doctor.
    Dre Maybe? Lately been trynna change my ways, but
    it seems like no matter how hard I turn I always end up
    facing the same way like I'm skating, did I bust a 1080?
    k now i'm just...gettin'.. lazy. Somebody. Pay me!
    My main aim is ta slay fakes; sure they get plays; great!
    but im the one that's always left to go all the way; please
    This is for the OGs; that still go ham with no cheese
    these little babies they only go in like knee deep
    lookin' at me like OK! I think it's finally complete!
    sheesh! please, atleast my style is kind of unique.
    these days it seems like we got fifty thousand jay z's
    one kanye, a hundred mac millers, three biggies,
    and two pacs, but baby there can only be one me.


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    and well..I guess..one kanye too.

    but I meant it like cuz no one really wants to copy him. >_>

    think that f**ks up the punchline? Oh well it was terrible



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