The boards are on the verge of something big
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    Some kind of serious makeover. I can just feel it coming.

  • SwimSage Banned

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    You feel it too? There's something really big that's been in the works this summer.

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    like...this is the final season of [asmb]?

    we are all caught in the wordbox
    Way to go, asshole, now we're careening off into space and will definitely die. -.- ~ perfy

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    It's the fire nation. They're coming.

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    Like a deletion.

    It's great when you enjoy things.

  • Swimuminati

    discolemonade said:

    like...this is the final season of [asmb]?

    OH SHIT! something is gonna go down.

    who is getting pregnant? who is getting married? who is going to die?

    will we ever find zeni his one true love? will phillies finally move out of his moms basement?

    there is so much left to cover!

    am I smilin enough? am I smilin too much? am I tucked in and buckled, do my tits touch? hi, how are you, how high are you?
    less teeth and more tits its never enough. you'll never be good enough.

  • Lord Of the Munge Façade

    Season 3 of my fanfiction starts in a couple weeks or so.

    Taking requests as always.

    So Luuv hooked me up with a custom rank.

    Which means I only have two more prizes to claim, plus an image sig.

    So that's where we stand.

  • King Of the Hill Banned

    I hope it's not a makeover into an empty field.

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  • SwimLegend

    lol, you said coming

    lol, you said feel it

    Oh bother...

  • Banned

    Zenigundam said:

    Some kind of serious makeover. I can just feel it coming in the air tonight.

    That's what you meant, right?

  • Banned

    The board is being cancelled and a great "whatever" will follow.

  • SwimHero

    i dont think so.

    Janeway Rules!

  • Mobile Suit Gundam

    You better check your Farmer's Almanac...

    The great change already happened, and we're living in it right now.

    This week Toonami returns to normal, but that isn't such a bad thing, right? Beginning at Midnight, it's premieres of DBZ Kai, JoJo, Gundam IBO, Hunter x Hunter, Shippuden, and One Piece, then Saitama comes at 3 to punch out the lights! Only @Toonami!

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    Something big.

    Something hard.

    Something thick.

    Something that's totally not a p***s.

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    empty_cookie_jar said:

    Like a deletion.

    I won't even care, at this point. This version BLOWS.

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