BR cop killer was sovereign citizen tinfoiler who adopted Moorish hoodoo name
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    And you all thought it was gonna be the white ones that started this shit.

    smh fam.


    The former Marine sergeant who murdered three Louisiana police officers this week was part of a black anti-government movement called the Moorish Nation, according to a law enforcement intelligence report.

    Gavin Eugene Long shot six police officers, killing three and wounding the others in an attack Sunday in Baton Rouge. He was killed by a police sniper.

    According to a report by the Symbol Intelligence Group, a private intelligence contractor, Long was a “textbook spiritual seeker” who had joined several anti-government groups, including the Washitaw Nation, New Freedom Group, National of Islam, and Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance.

    Last year, Long changed his name to Cosmo Ausar Setepenra and declared himself to be a Moor, part of the so-called Moorish Nation movement of African-Americans who regard themselves as descendants of Moors from Northwest Africa.

    The name change symbolized giving up his “slave name” and taking an original Moorish name.

    “Long’s new name has origins in ancient Egypt, which is consistent with Washitaw National beliefs that combine sovereign citizen ideas with Pan-African and Egyptian ideologies,” the report said.

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    mfw whites try to feign ignorance


    Can't stop won't stop

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    Othello with a Black Lives Matter blend would be quite an interesting narrative . . . eh.

    Memento Mori

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    I remember watching the adaptation with Josh Hartnett when I was like 12 and was like "F**k this" and just watched Jeepers Creepers instead.

    Or maybe it was The Faculty, I can't remember.

    Both great movies though.

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