Most pointless thing you've drunk purchased online
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  • SwimIcon

    a few years ago i bought a replica 14th century english longsword while mainlining tequila.

    i vaguely recall thinking it would be useful in the coming zombie apocalypse...

  • Swimuminati

    nothing online, but I bought a pound of marijuana on credit because, and I quote, I was "gonna be the say hello to my little friend of marijuana, bitches"

    I apparently couldn't remember the name Tony Montana....I gave it back.....most of it >.>

  • Other Anime

    Mostly video games and currency for Final Fantasy Record Keeper. I could swear I was inebriated when I bought a daikamura with the Railgun characters years back, but I got rid of it a while ago.

    Muscle, muscle! Hustle, hustle!

  • SwimPunk Banned

    Expensive clothes or makeup I didn't need

  • Beast Master

    I've never done that.

    Aye swimae.

  • Check It Out!

    im actually pretty good about not buying pointless shit, but i usually tend to buy more records if im drunk. something about losing the ability to tell myself "nah you need to pay your bills more than you need a new album"

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