I'll explain what happens with these comedy shows/YouTube acts
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    See the shows end up being very popular early on for novel approaches to humor and the YouTubers get a viral video or three for the same reasons, but, as time passes along, the show producers and YouTubers perceive that they are running out of material and run the risk of telling the same old jokes in different ways. Instead, they go out of their element and try to manufacture humor. The viewer ends up watching jokes/pranks/skits that involve really long, convoluted lines from the characters and tells himself, "Wow! This might be new, but it definitely doesn't measure up to the humor I'm accustomed to."

    In order for the show producers and YouTubers to get it right, they have to constantly look for new material, but only that which aligns with their styles. When the humor bank is exhausted, it's time to end the show or stop uploading videos hoping they'll go viral.

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    Oh thanks

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    thats why you only make one or two videos every couple years

    let the old ones run their life cycles and make viewers want more.

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    Papa Franku is a great example of what I just said. His videos are getting weaker and weaker as time goes on cuz the novelty is just kind of wearing off.

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