Now I definitely have to go to sleep... I'm seeing things that aren't there
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    Closed my laptop and was ready to go to sleep, but I left the TV on, Forensic Files as background noise. While I was dozing off, there was this deep voice in my head and I had this image of Mega Man and Rush receiving a mission brief from that old doctor dude from the Mega Man series. Then it turned into some sort of cartoon, same premise, different characters who I can't quite make out, then I snapped out of it and slowly opened one eye and I realized that the calming voice that I attributed to the old guy giving me instructions was the Forensic Files narrator talking about some kind of grizzly murder. GAH!

    Reminds me of that scene in Jurassic Park III when Dr. Grant falls asleep and the raptor on the plane talks to him. "Alan!"

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    Zenigundam said:

    and I had this image of Mega Man

    So you also dream about me!? Obviously that's your image of me since I've had the MM avatar up until just about an hour or two ago. o_O

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