Keep waking up deaf in my left ear
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    Hmmm... Is it my pillow that's doing this? It's kinda annoying even though it clears up after a lil while.

  • SwimPeanut

    Happens to me about once a year; it's generally just wax buildup. It's best to go to your doctor for that, they shoot some water in your ear and get it out in one fell swoop pretty fast, feels a little weird but not painful. If you try the home kits for ear wax, it's surprisingly hard to get it all out, and usually takes a bunch of squirts, which can make your ear sore. Doable, just more annoying.

  • Banned

    I would bump my ear f**key post, but I am not gonna do that.

    My right ear is still f**ked, because I jam shit in it to "clean" it... but what doesn't kill me, makes me deaf.

    If you gotta go go with a smile

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