Baltimore traffic is enough to make Satan look good.
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    Miss your turn? Gl even finding the same road you were on when you turn around. Parking? That'll be $69 for two minutes. Green light and going straight? F**king stay put you've got pedestrians crossing. Also, ha ha ha no metro. Get to walking, bitch.

    Super-glad I don't actually live there or I'd be in jail for vehicular manslaughter murder.

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    Population control.

    We took it for granted all along.


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    I always lawl at people in the states complain about traffic.
    Like I get it may seem bad for yall... And no one likes traffic.
    But like in the whole world... Traffic is a completely different level.
    Say in india or Hong Kong or hell... In the Philippines~
    There was this new Dan brown novel the made... i dunno the name...
    Anyway he called Manila the gate to Hell because its got lots of poor people and the traffic is so bad it MUST be hell.
    Im not even making that up.
    People were complying about it here.
    but like I got mad at them for getting mad cuz like... Its not a lie?
    I usually have to factor in 2 hours for what should be a 20 min drive... And 2 hours is being generous.
    Even when the 405 in LA was closed, it was nothing on a regular day on Edsa.
    But I get you... Traffic is dicks.

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