Plans for the rest of the night?
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    I'm gonna have Forensic Files on in the background while I peruse YouTube, do some more GRE stuff, and continue leveling up in FFIII. Crazy how I'm right at the end of the game but refuse to beat it lol.


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    Also, I need to go pick up my buffalo chicken sandwich soon.

  • SwimNinja

    goof off for another two or three hours then go to bed. Have to get up early.

    Here in Cloud Cuckoo Land, there are no rules: There's no government, no baby sitters, no bedtimes, no frowny faces, no bushy mustaches, and no negativity of any kind. And there's also no consistency.

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    porn then bed

  • Banned

    Kudasai said:

    porn then bed

    This... well if I can fall asleep but definitely the porn part.

  • Lord Of the Munge Façade

    I'll either waste time here or do something productive.

    Maybe work on my outline for the new season, maybe play video games.

    Probably just stay here in this shithole until bed.

    So Luuv hooked me up with a custom rank.

    Which means I only have two more prizes to claim, plus an image sig.

    So that's where we stand.

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