I'm listening to a baseball post game show on the radio >__>
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    <__< lol how lame amirite

    It's great when you enjoy things.

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    Baseball's all right I guess.

    I played it in HS.

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    What position?

    It's great when you enjoy things.

  • Manowarrior

    I like to watch the post game show after every Giants game that I watch.

    However, that is on TV, not the radio.

    Congratulations 2010, 2012, and 2014 San Francisco Giants! Beat LA!

    Ain't got no time for bird sex, I wanna fly...

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    ESPN radio in Dallas has a really good pre and post-game show, the guy that does it really know his stuff.

    He also does the pre and post-game show for the Mavericks so I listen to him every chance I get.

    I probably listen to more sports radio than I do any sports TV aside from probably the games themselves.

    It's great when you enjoy things.

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