Wheel of Fortune
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    Imagine that you're playing and you're rolling along and hitting all the right spots. "H, J, I'll buy an O, and a Z"

    "Wow! There are four H's, three J's, six O's, and eight Z's."

    And you're cruisin' and bruisin'...

    "Yes! There is an L on the board! Pick up that card and you'll see that you've won an all-expense paid three month vacation to Maui replete with hot blonde models, a luxury penthouse suite, and an on-demand sight-seeing helicopter tour."

    And then you're so close to solving the puzzle, but you spin a "bankrupt". The person next to you, the one who was staring blankly at the board the whole time and drooling, picks the one letter left in the entire alphabet and solves and takes everything you worked for, your girlfriend, your car, and maybe even your dog.

    Aren't you feeling kinda... ?!

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