I hate hurting people...
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  • Banned

    Even when I did not mean to, or know how I did so.

    It is like sitting a huge weight on my chest and crushing my ribs.

    This is definitely the feeling I hate most in life.

  • Babbling

    Maybe they were masochists and they liked it.

  • Banned

    Well either way... I'm going to go for a while, since I am now very upset myself.... feels very bad.

  • IB

    I'm a sadist so ... I dont feel bad when I do it on purpose.
    Or when I dislike people.
    I used to shove this girl in her locker in high school but only because she had this big ass backpack and I said excuse me like 13 times and the bitch didn't move .... so everytime I had to pass her, I shoved her in until she learned to get out of the way

  • SwimHero

    i used to hurt people all the time.
    either by accident or by stupidity.

    Janeway Rules!

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