Chilling in the ASMB lounge
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    Sipping on a few beers through my drinking hat, making every ball in on the pool table, hot babe hanging from my neck. This lounge is pretty damn awesome.

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    I am sippin'.....

    If you gotta go go with a smile

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    what a misogynistic comment.

    You starve your children on neglect
    Then feed their bellies with fear
    Concussion bat to the brain
    Witness to a battered mother.

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    (Zeni gets distracted by a scene outside the lounge; A girl slaps a guy so hard that the lounge walls reverberate)

    "Get away from me you creep! I want to hang with Zeni, not you!"

    I guess you could say she did not want to sit on that guy's face.

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