When I worked at Wal-Mart as a teen, I saw a fight go down in the photo department
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    The store manager came by just before it became physical. The smoker kid who was working in there was taking a long time because the customer asked for a lot of things to be done, and then the customer asked impatiently in his heavy Russian accent, "Is it almost finished?" and the photo guy responded, "You asked for a lot of things and I'm going as fast as I can." and the customer responded, "You are doing nuzzsing! When weel eet be done?!" and the photo guy said, "No you're the one doing nothing! You're just standing there b***hing when you should be happy that I'm taking the time to do all of these things for you!"

    And just as that happened, the store manager walked by and said, "Andrew, you don't talk to a customer like that!" and while the manager was saying that the customer kept saying (to the photo guy), "F--- you! Son of a b----! Son of a b----!"

    I thought he was gonna jump over the counter! Anyway, the store manager calmed the customer down and told the photo guy to go take a smoke break. I'm surprised he didn't get fired for that, but, then again, he was the main guy in that department, so maybe that had something to do with it. The customer stormed out of the store saying, "Son of a b----!" over and over again lol.

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    It was hilarious. I wish I'd recorded the whole thing.

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    Lol One Hour Photo.

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    Shoulda held him down and refused to let him leave until he said Nuclear Vessels.

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    This happened.

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    I wasn't involved in it, I was just watching it go down.

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