My mom says I shouldn't get a PhD in English
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    She thinks I'd make a better politician instead. I explained to her that I have no interest in politics and that my future is in academia.

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    well i mean getting a Ph.d in English only really gives you one field to really go into. I can understand why so you won't be pigeon held into whatever schools are in that area.

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    I think you'd be better at math. :|


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    Yes, you'll be especially motivated to buss tables when you have to pay interest on all of those student loans

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    Haha I'll wait for that bubble to burst before I send any more payments in.

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    I can't see you getting a PHD in anything but butt-chugging.

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    If you wanna be a professor, go the long haul and aim for an expertise in English. If you've already got your Masters, then you've got a good feel for academic writing with a little teaching on the side. If articles and wrangling college students sounds like the perfect work environment, then that's what you should try to seek

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    I predict you will get your PhD by age 57

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