is there such a thing as dark white?
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    Or light black ?
    or is that just grey?

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    That young man’s name?
    Albert Einstein.

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    yeah, i'm thinking that's grey.

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    There's eggshell white, off white.....several darker forms of while, but when you lighten black you pretty much get grey.

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    hey guys, do shades of color exist?

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  • Other Anime

    Cream or grey would be my best bet.

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    Usually it'd be called 'off-white', i.e. cream/eggshell etc

    You can have lighter shades of black, which are essentially really dark shades of gray

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    (rolls eyes)


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    It's literally both.......Gray is really the Americanized, bastardization of the language from which we borrow our tongue.

    It seems Panda and I simply use the more refined and pure spelling while others opt to dole out the lazy baseball, and hotdogs version.

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    I'm blind.

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