School Enrollment today.....* bloggy as fuck *
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    I've never done this on my own, their mother always did it , but since I'm moving them from that ghetto ass school in her district they are going to the nice, upscale school on my side of town that just built an entire new campus over the summer.

    I'm just kind of nervous because the deal was she handled school enrolling and I did all the medical and school supp[ly shit. I'm kinda wondering is there any way I can f**k this up. Usually my ego tells me I can do anything, and this doesn't seem difficult, but I just feel like I'll do some shit like accidentally put them in Special ed classes or some stupid shit.

    I have gone from extro to introvert in just a few years, and now suddenly I just always feel like I'm being silently judged.

    You were banned. It fills you with determination

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    Wonder what I'll do with my kids in terms of schooling. Might do the same and send them to the School of Hard Knocks first so that they get tough and street savvy and then send them to Hardy Knockington III Grammar School.

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    Dude, seriously, relax. You'll do fine.

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