So I was kicked on the streets last night....
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    Drunken fight with my parents about my sexual orientation. Well more like them screaming at me and me just stating facts and telling them how and why I have always been the way I am.

    My Dad then told me to GTFO because I was upsetting my mother apparently.

    I was actually at a homeless shelter last night for the first time ever. Would have been bad since i could not have taken like half my medications back with me. They would have either thrown them away or had to get someone to come pick them up.

    Anyways, a little while after I got there and was being checked out for contraband, one of my friends messaged me and told me he was coming to get me for the night.

    I slept on his couch. First time I've ever slept at someone's house out of necessity. After talking to about 50 people about this all of whom were concerned. They think I should at least try to make up with my parents and ask to come back while I try to find work and at least finish my degree in the Fall. So I am here at home waiting for them to come home and talk to me about it.

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    That sucks, hope everyone works out.

  • SwimNinja

    I'm sorry you're going through this. Some advice about parents, their approval is a want, not a need. Yes your life would be easier if they accepted you for who you are, but if yours can't wrap their heads around you diggin' dudes, continuing to try to make them accept you will be like slamming your head against a wall. If you had the mental fortitude and full independence, I would say have at it, but you're dependent on them for shelter and I don't know how you get your meds.

    "The enemy of my enemy is just another man standing in my way." -Nikita

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    Apparently my mother also called several of my friends and berated them asking if they had sex with me...

    The gift that keeps on givin

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