How many grandpamas do you have left?
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    Both on my mom's side. Deceased on my dad's.
    My last great grandparent (mom's side) died last year.
    One of my great-great grandparents (mom's side) was alive while I was, but died when I was five. I never met her. She died in Puerto Rico at the ripe old age of 101.

  • SwimSage Banned

    I have no living grandparents. Never met one of grandfathers, the other had no interest in being a part of my life. One grandma was f**king bat shit insane, and the one I liked died in 2005.

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    Only 1. And she lives far away.

    I hate being old.

  • Other Anime

    My father's adopted and while we don't keep in touch much I think his biological mother is still alive, as far as we know anyway, she lives in Tennessee. Her aside only my father's adopted father is still alive of my grandparents. He turns 88 at the end of the month and shows no signs of slowing down. A military man, he fought in Korea, and had several tours in Vietnam. He just missed WWII.

  • SwimPeanut

    None, and my great aunt on my father's side passed away early this year.

    If you want to pick THAT type out of a crowd, just look for the festering scabs on their elbows.

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    Oh cool.

    Well they yell too much in the military.

  • Lord Of the Munge Façade

    Grandpa on my dad's side is still kickin'. He was in the marines, I think. Grandma on that side is gone; had a bad case of Alzheimers.

    Met "grandpa" on mom's side once or twice, I guess he's a rich religious horse rancher who knocked up grandma like six times back in the day and ran off for a few decades. Think he's still out there horse ranching it up, not sure. Grandma on mom's side smokes like a chimney and works on a potato farm I think. Big Jehovah's Witness too.

    So Luuv hooked me up with a custom rank.

    Which means I only have two more prizes to claim, plus an image sig.

    So that's where we stand.

  • Thunder Goddess

    I never had a grandpama. I did, however, have grandparents, all of whom are dead.

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  • SwimSuperHero

    My grandma on my mom's side is still alive.
    The rest are dead.

    My grandparents on my dad's side died in 1999 and 2003 so that
    was a long time ago. My grandpa on my mom's side died 5 years ago.

    My great grandma on my mom's side died in 1993 when I was in middle school
    and my great grandpa on my mom's side died in 1987.
    My other great grandparents died when I was a baby so I don't remember them at all.

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  • Special Snowflake

    My Maternal Grandfather crossed over in 1967, born in 1885
    his wife, my Grandmother followed in 1969 born in 1889
    my paternal Grandfather died early in 1954 born in 1901
    his wife , my Grandmother followed in 1968 born in 1888.
    My Mother died in an Auto accident in 1980 born in 1921.
    My Father died On His Birthday, at 84 years old.
    I Miss all of them Deeply, and remember them with GREAT Joy!!!

  • SwimComrad

    None. The last one (my grandmother on my mother's side) died about 13 years ago.

    The day I graced your village, it was the most important day of your life...but for me, it was Tuesday.

  • Babbling

    None. Paternal Grandfather passed before I was born of his 7th or so stroke.

    Paternal Grandmother was the last to go - Alzheimer's. One of the last things she said, as she came out of unconsciousness was, "I'm going on a picnic!" in a secretive, conspiritorial voice.

    Maternal Grandmother went, mid-sentence, from a brain aneurysm.

    Maternal Grandfather alzheimer's & a fall. Lived to 96, saw everything go from horse & buggy to the space shuttle.

    I was a pallbearer for the last 3 and for my Aunt's mother-in-law, who was very much a surrogate grandparent to me.

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  • Manowarrior

    All of my grandparents are dead. The last one, my maternal grandmother, died at the age of 92 I believe, in December 2014.

    Congratulations 2010, 2012, and 2014 San Francisco Giants! Beat LA!

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    "I'm moving and not moving at all. I'm like the moon underneath the waves that ever go on rolling and rocking."

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    My maternal grandfather and my paternal grandmother

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    The professor sat down, utterly defeated by the young man's overwhelming brilliance.
    That young man’s name?
    Albert Einstein.

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