Writing an opera! "The Mad Typist and the Fall of Solid Snake"
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    Chorus: Typey type! Typey type!

    (Mad typist types away frenetically, laughing maniacally)

    Solid Snake: Mad Typist, you've pushed me to the edge!

    Chorus: To the edge! To the edge! (And some other Latin singing I can't discern)

    Solid Snake: No!! What have you done?! You'll rue the day you banished me!!

    (Lightning strikes and chorus hums a chilling tune)

    Mad Typist: Snake, you've met your match! The keyboard is truly mightier... THAN. THE. Swoooooorrddddddddd!

    It needs some work I guess.

  • Special Snowflake

    What the f**k is this shit?

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    I... don't know.

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