Dear Carl's Jr.
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    I've been a fan of yours since like 4 years ago. I enjoy your burgers because they taste good and have a lot of protein.

    I would like you to work on the speed of your service. Last time I ordered, it took a while to get my food especially since I was the only one in the drive thru.

    While your burger taste good, sometimes it can be a little cold and not that great. So hire more people to get the food in my mouth faster because I want food and this is America and I deserve to have food shoved in me.


  • Swimuminati

    being fast is like the only thing fast food has going for it...if it loses that, well

  • SwimDandy

    I only ever really go to Carl's Jr. for the $1 20oz drinks now.

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    I'm ok waiting if the food turns out delicious and fresh. There have been times where I have ordered 2 western bacon burgers and it took like 10 minutes to get them. Once I bit to them, it felt like I was eating a gourmet food at a fancy resturant so it was worth it.

    But when it's not good tasting then i'm like " nope"

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    I rarely buy drinks because I always have water with me. It's cheaper for me.

  • Swimuminati

    They may taste delicious, but don't lie to yourself, they're not "fresh"......I get what you're saying though

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    Well whatever they put in it, I want more.

  • SwimPirate

    "This is America and I deserve to have food shoved in me"
    I'll shove a $1 hotdog from the boardwalk down your throat later. ;)

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  • SwimElder Banned

    Wendy's has never failed me.

    I really love Wendy.

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  • SwimParagon

    Wait. You mean Hardee's? O_o also having food shoved in you is a weird fetish >.>

    {but I ain't complaining}

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