Dear Burger King
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    I've eaten at your place since I was a kid. My last experience might be the last time I eat there in a few years.

    I ordered the Original Chicken sandwish and the Fish sandwish.

    The Fish was cold. The Chicken was luke warm. It literally tasted liek it had been sitting on the shelf for more than 30 minutes. Never have I ever been disgusted by BK like I was that day,

    So I ask you. Please tell your workers to cook the food good and not make them taste nasty. I will be taking my bussiness elsewhere till then.

    Thank you.

  • SwimElder Banned

    Same thing happened to me 2 times last month. I said I'm done. Never again.

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  • SwimPirate

    Remember that one time I saw a BK worker touch his bawl sack several times on the train then head to work.
    How bout we just never go back. >> Sorry its linked to your childhood. <<

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