dear chick-fil-a
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    your homophobic chicken tastes amazing...

    you bigots...

    and can i have some polynesian sauce with that?

    before i boycott you...

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    Nameraka_Hanzaisha said:

    you bigots...

    "You know what they say: "If they're not inflatable they're not datable" :cool: :ballon: - TrigunBebop
    "You haven't Idealized Mankind, you've deformed it, you've mutilated it, and that's the real joke" - Nightowl

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    Dear Chick-Fil-A,

    Your name sounds kinda prverted.

    Some Asshat

    P.S. blah blah gay sex blah blah congress.

    blah blah gay sex blah blah balloons. :|

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    love the chicken hate the people

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    Ah... Just found out two new things about you it seems.

    Where in Polynesia do you hail from?

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