7I asked my mom what it was like growing up in racist America
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    She said it didn't really affect her. She couldn't get certain jobs and didn't go certain places but it didn't phase her.

    My dad (born 1939) was always very angry because of racism. Instead of keeping us from whites, he wanted us to grow up with them and go to good schools because they were better and he knew racism was bad and didn't want us to have racist views. But he told me scary stories from back in the day...like if black people were out late at night white gangs would arrest them and hold them hostage. He said there was a farm in summerville, sc with ahuge barn full of black men being held captive.

    My father played the race card a lot but i didn't blame him.

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    Fuggz is not the revolutionary we deserve.....She's the one we.....Um......Kinda chuckle at.

    You were banned. It fills you with determination

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    Id love to go back in time and own one of your encestors.


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    Maybe you did and that's why she's into abusive white guys now.

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