One more time, you find yourself huddled in silence...
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    Nicotine mingles with a mimic's tear, tarnishing moments forlorn...

    Remember the stages that you were compelled to wander
    Where ideas were devised, where the phantom of fame
    Approached like a brief encounter.
    Try to evoke the day...
    But memories are cold comfort for the mourning result of a long-forgotten cause.

    Passionless words defy the stage no more
    There's no applause, just a drunkard asking for encore
    A silent audience of dust and desperation
    As you remember certain faces that once engaged these empty places.

    With the fading light came desperate thoughts, as if
    The ghost of an urge rode a blatant breeze.
    And the wet ink on the paper blurred under your tears,
    Just like water's clearness in the rush of the spray...

    Try to escape the day...
    And after all you will find out that it's all the same
    How many footprints you've left in the soil.

    Left in the soil...

    Empty eyes defy these empty halls
    Empty faces examine empty walls
    Empty words thrown in empty streams
    Empty places are the end of empty dreams.

    To be a whisper on the breeze, to be a stranger on violent seas,
    To see the world through orphaned eyes could be a mission
    Behind tangerine skies...

    For there's no importance in a dream of posthume fame
    And I don't want to be a fugitive repatriated
    Watching, these empty places...

    "Wait, I don't remember 'Allahu Akbar' being in the lyrics..." - Eagles Of Death Metal

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