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    kimba the white lion and speed racer.

    channel 20/d.c.

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  • SwimVIP

    Robotech in 1985. Yeah, I said it.

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  • SwimParagon

    Inuyasha. First anime I really got into. Looking back... ugh, was the Koga arc really my favorite? That wolf guy's a dork!

    Although now that I know it's actually anime, I did watch Speed Racer before Inuyasha. That kid and monkey, always stowing away in Speed Racer's car and getting into trouble -.-

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  • SwimNinja

    Fist of the North Star when I was 1. My dad had it on whenever it was his turn to watch me because the violent fights made me be quiet.

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    the first anime i really got in to ~ voltron

    kimba and speed racer were on in the mornings and i'd watch while eating cereal before school

    i knew it was time to get going when popeye came on.

    we are all caught in the wordbox
    Way to go, asshole, now we're careening off into space and will definitely die. -.- ~ perfy

  • Banned

    Probably Speed Racer......But my fist definitive anime was Crying Freeman......Or was it 8man.

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  • Toonami

    Either Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokemon, or Sailor Moon. Can't remember which one it was specifically.

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    Noozles or the Littl' Bits back on Nick Jr.

  • SwimLegend

    I really don't know probably dragonball or sailor moon

    Oh bother...

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    The Big T

  • Babbling

    Would have been either Gigantor or Tobor the Eighth Man (the inspiration for "Robocop").
    WGN channel 9 Chicago (approx 1965)

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  • Thunder Goddess

    Kimba and Speed Racer, on WPIX out of NYC.
    (Let's not discuss when.)

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    Either Voltron or Speed Racer on CN. I didn't consciously think of them as anime. Voltron was the first I remember really being into, while Speed Racer isn't something I'd be pumped to watch again.

  • Swimuminati

    Space Pirate Captain Harlock... though I can't recall which rendition it was. I distinctly remember it being sub only sometimes and dub others. Idk. They f**ked up a lot of anime in the 70's-80's for american audiences.

    Also Robotech.

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    TLDR would be Wolf's Rain, since that's the first anime I bought so I could actually watch every episode fresh, start to finish

    buuut the first anime I laid my eyes on was Sailor Moon from a hotel in Finland? Greenland? idfk -when we were immigrating to Murica ;-; I liked the pictures but didn't know the language.

    Gundam Seed (second buy) and FLCL caught my attention with its "adultness" when I was flipping through the channels. High school was just about to start for me I think ;__; It impressed me because I thought all toons were 100% kiddish, so I went ahead and googled to accidentally find Wolf's Rain u.u as well as these boards, since that's where WR popped up for me :3 I signed up to ask questions maybe?? SWEET BEGINNINGS

    Through childhood when I didn't know the word "anime":
    Pokemon -> Yugioh -> Akira -> Princess Mononoke -> Totoro -> Kiki's Delivery Service -> Dirty Pair<3333

    DBZ, Yu Yu Hakusho<3, Inuyasha were there too, but they were just bits and pieces.




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    Probably Astro boy...never liked it but the first one I watched religiously was sailor moon...

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    I guess that would be Ronin Warriors. At least it's the first one I can remember.

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  • SwimPunk Banned

    Vampire Hunter D is the first one i really like. Got a dvd somewhere.

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    Probably Speed Racer. I always thought it was Nickelodeon, but someone said it was on CN, so maybe that?

    That's at least my earliest memory. I was, like, 4, so...

    First I got into was Pokemon, and first I acknowledged as anime was either Medabots or Ghibli stuff, probably Totoro or Spirited Away.

  • SwimComrad

    DBZ was my first anime

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