I suck at life..
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  • IB

    Or maybe, I just don't need to sleep nearly as much

    as I think I do, and I'm just burnt out with my current

    position in the swing of it all.. Either way it's gettin'

    old. That's what I've been trying to say.


  • SwimFan Banned

    just think of all the people that are not you to entertain that notion that they and you are differant at sharing lies that get back around too better lies !?!!!!!!??????!?
    ... this post of mine really wont matter at all will it - but thats o.k because did you ever care to notice any damned way -

    the only thing better than better is better unless its its the flipside of all that is better ...

    subject too change ...

  • IB

    I think its time for vacation. Where would you like to go?

  • Banned

    That is why I like prescriptions.

    You were banned. It fills you with determination

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