Where can a man watch some one punch man English dubbed?
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    So I missed last weeks ep, trying to catch up, but theres like 2 sites I can find and i just get blown up with pop up ads, and the video wont load. pissin me off , and its not on demand when i checked. help a brothhaaa outtt

  • ShoeHands

    Doesnt Hulu have it?

    I could never lie to you, You're like the greatest pot smoking republican hippie I know.-1POOH4U

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    ughhh subtitles.

  • SwimSuperFan Banned

    The first 2 episodes should be available via your local cable provider. If not, they're available on the [adult swim] website via using your login ID and password.

    Also, Episode 3 is available to watch without any cable subscription whatsoever. Just go here.

    I have reached acceptance.

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    thanks dude.

  • Mobile Suit Gundam

    I'll bet we're getting a Labor Day marathon, too!

    This week Toonami returns to normal, but that isn't such a bad thing, right? Beginning at Midnight, it's premieres of DBZ Kai, JoJo, Gundam IBO, Hunter x Hunter, Shippuden, and One Piece, then Saitama comes at 3 to punch out the lights! Only @Toonami!

  • IB

    Uh .... a man ....has no name?

    Shit I dunno brah

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    Kissanime should have it

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