Surprise, surprise. American Nazi party unites behind Trump
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    And the communists too

    Muscle, muscle! Hustle, hustle!

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    Nice try, epic fail though.

    Nazi groups aren't nearly as prevalent as communist and socialist trash.

    Also the Republicans disavow themselves from those groups while the Dems and "progressives" are openly in bed with the pinko filth.

    Now if you want to get into nationalist groups supporting Trump, and the myriad I'm sure hilarious reasons you think that's equatable with Nazism, have at it.

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    Scientologists are split on the issue. On the one hand, Hillary Clinton is probably Xenu, but Donald Trump is more effective at purging thetans from humans.

    "I feel like I should be banning way more of you." -- SwimMod_Luuv

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