Sometimes I just don't know what ta do wit myself
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  • IB

    just say screw it 'n bail, ta hell with these loose lips
    sinkin ships like "oops, shit! " goose nips, who's dis?
    this the dude that couldn't give two shits; let alone
    one stupid so if ya think you can do this then Do it
    Move it; double time until ya ooze some fluid, 'n'
    poop on your new shoes doofus ya goofed up
    the movement the proof is in the puddin stooge
    you could use some improvement, but who am I
    ta be spewin' shit without 2 discs or a movement?
    Someone who used to be human, at least I think..
    but screw it; now I'm feelin useless, an' translucent
    just as stupid as I said you w's; a damn mutant;
    livin' in the sewers; ungroomed and imprudent
    rash, and inconsiderate, always liquored up 'n'
    belligerant, out of control spinnin' inta descent
    an indiscrimminately insolent hypocrite prick
    always pickin' on the innocent, haaah! as if...
    screw you noobs dude you can have this;
    plastic is not my preffered meduim
    so I guess I'm a has been.. rap so hard
    I need captions..anyway I'm past this.

    A long lost friend, and cousin to a good friend is in town
    so I'm gonna go get me a bottle and chill with his fam.


  • 0

    Manipulate your prostate.

    You called down the thunder. Well, now you've got it!

  • SwimSuperFan

    do you come up with this stuff on the fly? its pretty creative

  • IB

    you mean stick something up my ass?

    or.. you mean fap huh.

    either way, I'm good.

    I heard tha's how doctors do it.

    I'm out going to drink I guess..


  • IB

    @apaleapple yeah I just line it up, and

    try to keep it in rhythm with the op...

    it's like a "key-style" I didn't come up with that phrase,

    but I thought it was cool so I use it.


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