Britney Spears has the #1 most requested song
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  • Bettathanyom0mma Banned

    Blink182 is a new album out. I saw something about green day and my chemical romance. What year is this?

  • Banned

    Wasn't her baby daddy a Riff Raff prototype?

    I can't even remember his name.

  • IB


  • Banned

    I just checked the Billboard Hot 100 and Britney is nowhere to be found and I went down to about 30 or so...

    She does have a new song out... it's kind of terrible .

    More importantly though I'm checking out these Hot 100 songs near the top and they are pretty terrible too for the most part.

    I miss when popular music was eclectic and varied. Now it's just all terrible pop crap. In 2001 Jimmy Eat World's "The Middle" was number 5 on the Hot 100.

    Now it's some song by Justin Timberlake that I've never heard of.

    And the picture of him looks gay af.

    alt text

    alt text



    Wtf happened people.

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