This is the 1st of the "who gets what" elections
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  • SwimNerd Banned

    While I think Hillary and her husband's are unrepentant crooks I do think she'll be a better president than Trump simply because I don't think he can actually do the things he says he can do.

    He will kust be another do-nothing functionary who goes up against the courts, the big banks, corporations, Wall Street and the rest of the plutocratic syndicate that actually owns and runs this "country."

    Meanwhile a lot of ppl misunderstand Trump in a very fundamental way. He is the first of many and what will be increasingly radical white candidates. The GOP will become a white party while the Democrats become a non white party.....well until that coalition falls apart.

    People need to understand the economy is going into deflation a d they need to get what that means. It means the pie is shrinking and that with more diversity more ppl are fighting for an ever shrinking piece of said pie.

    This causes ethnic tensions and it's the main reason this - election will probably be the last one I ever vote in.

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    That the NYT's front page is full of political headlines every day is bothering me.

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