Favorite Place to get Ice Cream?
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  • Special Snowflake

    Dairy Queen cause Blizzards.

    Memento Mori

  • SwimStar

    cold stone creamery even if the last time i went was 3 years ago and had a stomach ache all day from drinking two cake batter milkshakes

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    "Those are all different things, right?"

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    Ah forgot put Cold Stone Creamery down.

  • Special Snowflake

    ur mom

  • Lord Of the Munge Façade

    cold stone.

    So Luuv hooked me up with a custom rank.

    Which means I only have two more prizes to claim, plus an image sig.

    So that's where we stand.

  • SwimSuperHero

    Dairy Queen but I only go there a few times during the year.
    Frozen custard is better.

    Usopp Fanatic since 2003.

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