feminine fencing is outrageous ....
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  • SwimFan Banned

    ......... outrageously fantasically outright saaauuuhhhaaassseeexxxaaayyy !!! ...........

    the only thing better than better is better unless its its the flipside of all that is better ...

    subject too change ...

  • Special Snowflake

    Will I lose weight if I eat your word salads?

    Memento Mori

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    I'm watching also. Before I went to the HS I went to, I was going to matriculate at a prep school. While there, there was a fencer who was in my grade. He went on to win four consecutive prep fencing titles in NJ as well as the USFA national junior championship, but as a professional fencer he's ranked outside of the Top 25 in saber and didn't qualify for the Rio Olympics. It must be devastating to be the best at something and then when you get to the highest level realize that there are a lot of others who are even better.

  • SwimNinja

    I absolutely love it when they're screamers.

    "The enemy of my enemy is just another man standing in my way." -Nikita

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