Looks like Naruto Shippuden is finally ending...
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  • SwimComrad Banned

    The manga ended in 2014 (and no, we're not counting that crappy Boruto manga) but the anime has been chugging along with filler after filler (with a teeny-tiny amount of canon sprinkled about in between) which has the made the final arc nigh-unwatchable what with all the constant fillers constantly disrupting the flow.

    But it looks like Perriot is FINALLY going to adapt the final chapters into anime form, so it looks like Shippuden might end by the end of the year.


    But you know they ain't gonna just give up Naruto as a whole, even if the main manga series is done with. The only question is... what will they do? I'm assuming "Shippuden" will end once chapter 700 is adapted and a 'new' Naruto series will start up once they start focusing on the new generation kids, but who knows...

  • Special Snowflake

    They will reveal the true canon ending of Naruto and Sasuke. Naruto and Hinata? The fvck is that?

    Memento Mori

  • Babbling

    I'm not gonna stop reading Naruto manga until he reaches HOKAGAY!

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    You better watch your damn mouth, brother!

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    Check out my 24" pythons! Ochimaru Power Slam Jutsu!!

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