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    We're nearly 6 full weeks into the Summer anime season, and at upwards of 90 degrees today was one of the hottest days of the year here so far. To try and cool down a bit, let's look ahead to Fall, the best of the 4 seasons. Fall's got it all: football, cool weather, crisp air, earlier sunsets, beautiful foliage, and best of all....HALLOWEEN! It's also got some new anime! The lists:

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    Ani Chart

    So what looks good all? Here are my picks and brief thoughts/expectations:


    1.) 3-gatsu no Lion - I don't know anything about shogi, and not much more about this in general, but I hear it's critically acclaimed. And a young man boding with 3 kind sisters sounds like it could be very healing.

    2.) Drifters - all I'm expecting outta this right now is to be a good action series. Seems like the premise may be interesting enough...

    3.) Flip Flappers - 2 cute girls on a magical adventure? Could be fun, if it avoids getting too dark.

    4.) Girlish Numbers - another series on voice actors, with a cute female lead, should be fun.

    5.) Keijo!!!!!!!! - anyone keeping track of the manga thread knows I caught up with this earlier in the year. 2 big questions: How far will this adapt, and how censored will it be? There's plenty of nipples and nipple-based attacks I'm unsure how they'll pull off. The lead is also my least favorite character in this, it'd be nice if the anime fixed that for me. XD

    6.) Long Riders! - another female-centric sports series. I never had interest in cycling anime like Yowamushi Pedal, but with cute girls at the center this just might do the trick. XD Best-case scenario this winds up being the Bakuon! of regular bikes. XD

    7.) Mahou Shoujo Nante Ii Desukara, Season 2 - season 1 of this short-length magical girl parody show was cute, if forgettable. Very surprised we're getting more, but in a good way. :)

    8.) Nazotokine - hardly any info on this but it's apparently puzzle-based? I half-expect a short-length series outta this, and it might not even get subs. Hope it does though, mc's got a nice design. XD

    9.) Nobunaga nl Shinobi - cute chibi period comedy that's likely a short-length series.

    10.) Okusama ga Seitokaichou!+! - Season 2 of the raunchy short-length series. I'm caught up with the manga, still good for a few minutes each week.

    11.) Sound! Euphonium, Season 2 - I don't recall season 1 too well, but it was pretty good. Hopefully this is as good or better.

    12.) Stella no Mahou - this could be yet another short-length series. Cute girls making a doujin game? Sign me up! XD

    13.) Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari - I'm expecting Amaama to Inazuma if Tsumugi were a boy...and tanuki here, with possibly less focus on cooking. It'll be tough to match that series, but hopefully it's heartwarming in its own right.


    1.) The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. - at least I THINK it's continuing into Fall. Very fun and funny series I highly recommend either way.

    2.) Dragon Ball Super
    3.) One Piece - the 2 Toei shonen staples.

    4.) Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars - I was liking this just fine this season, but production issues have pushed back the last 8 episodes to Fall. Hope they're happy with it by the time it's set to resume.

    5.) Twin Star Exorcists - ehhh, we're entering a 7 episode filler arc in a few more weeks....joy. The source material remains good, and the last few episodes have been the anime's best so far, but the padded pacing drags this adaptation down considerably. There was no need for this to be 50 episodes.


    1.) Ancient Magus' Bride - the fantastic manga, which I collect, gets 3 prequel OVAs, some with theatrical runs. I'll gladly watch when subs are available, but who knows when that'll be?

    2.) Luger Code 1951 - greenlit after winning a contest, this has a cool premise, nice artstyle, but is it a series or just a special? Conflicting sources claim both. Like Magus, I'll gladly watch when subs are available, but who knows when or if that'll be?

    So that's it. 13 new shows, some possible one-offs, and a few continuing. A smaller amount to watch for me than in most other seasons, but there are 2 or 3 shows I'm still on the fence with. Plus fewer shows gives more time to appreciate Fall festivities like horror movies all October! XD

  • SwimElder Banned

    I hate literally never heard of any of these.

    What do you recommend?

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    BattleAngel_Phillies said:

    I hate literally never heard of any of these.

    What do you recommend?

    You actually read the lists for starters. You replied under 30 seconds after my post got put up. XD

    But Keijo!!!!!!!! seems right up your alley. Should inspire plenty of replies in the female hotness thread. XD

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    What a terrible season.

    Maybe Shuumatsu no Izetta and 3-gatsu no Lion..... maybe. Everything else either doesn't sound interesting or is a sequel I don't care about.

    I thought Steins;Gate 0 was supposed to air in Fall hat's basically the only thing that could really save the sason from being super lame.

  • Helper

    How could you miss Brave Witches.

    I am disappoint....

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  • Banned

    Not a fan of anime honestly.
    Dunno who would watch the stuff.


  • SwimSage Banned

    I don't know if I would watch any of these. Maybe Drifters since I liked Hellsing.

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    Jingai said:

    How could you miss Brave Witches.

    I am disappoint....

    I've never seen Strike Witches.

  • SwimElder

    Bungo 2 is the only one that caught my eye for now.

    Currently watching

    Alderamin on the sky- MC reminds me of LOGH MC

    91 Days

    The Morose Mononokean- reminds me a bit of xxxholic

  • SwimVIP Banned

    Only thing on here that interests me is Drifters, more IBO, and maybe Luger Code 1951.

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  • Other Anime

    • Nanbaka: The poster makes it look like it'll be a fun show to watch.
    • Drifters: It's ultra hyped and from the Hellsing mangaka so it should be interesting.
    • Watashi ga Motete Dousunda: I think I read this one and it was kinda funny. My memory might be failing me, but it could still be funny.
    • Keijo!!!!!!: I'm shallow because the girls in swimsuits is the main reason why I'm gonna give this show a try.
    • Brave Witches: If it's anything like Strike Witches, it's gotta be good.
    • Gakuen Handsome: Hope this'll be as good as some of the goofier parody anime.
    • Anything else that would eventually capture my eye

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  • SwimSuperHero

    Definitely watching:

    1. Bungou Stray Dogs S2
    2. Haikyuu!! S3
    3. Uta no Prince-sama: Maji LOVE Legend Star

    Will check out:

    1. Trickster
    2. Nanbaka
    3. Touken Ranbu: Hanabaru
    4. Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari
    5. Days
    6. All Out!!
    7. Long Riders!

    Fune wo Amu
    3-Gatsu no Lion
    Watashi ga Motete Dousunda
    Sound! Euphonium S2 (I have to check out the first season first.)

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  • SwimNinja

    Which is the most ecchi and which is the most violent I need to make the best use of my time. Bonus if they are one in the same.

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    Keijo!!!!!!!! for ecchi, violence dunno...Drifters?

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    Will def contunie Bungou Stray Dogs and maybe Haikyuu if I ever get around to finishing the second season!!!

    I'd love to watch the new Natsume Yuujinchou but I've barely started season 3. It's taking me a loooong time to watch this series.

    The first season of Sound Euphonium kind of left a bad taste in my mouth that q***r baiting, but maybe second season will do much better?

    Looking forward to Yuri on Ice!

    Ooooh and I didn't know about a new WIXOSS series! I'm looking forward to that one! :D

  • Helper

    BUU8800 said:

    Jingai said:

    How could you miss Brave Witches.

    I am disappoint....

    I've never seen Strike Witches.

    Get on board Buu, we can't win the war on pants without you.

    The probability that we may fail in the struggle aught not to deter us from the support of a cause we believe to be just. -Abraham Lincoln

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    Eh, maybe some day. XD

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